About Spina Farms Pumpkin Patch

Est. 1944

Spina Farms, a Santa Clara Valley farm, was established in 1944 by John Spina. He began by raising tree and row crops which included apricots, prunes, and canning tomatoes. As the family’s next generation rose up, son and daughter-in-law, John and Linda Spina took the farm down a new path…direct market. The fresh fruits and vegetables of the fields were available directly to the consumer in what became Spina Farms first Produce Stand. 

San Jose, 1973

Our Pumpkin Grower, Johnny Spina, 1979

In 1970 Spina Farms brought forth a Pumpkin Patch. This small, family-run patch began with a couple different varieties of pumpkins and homemade decorations. With yet another generation to follow, Johnny Spina, who grew up making family memories in his parents’ Pumpkin Patch, has taken growing pumpkins to a new level. With the same desire to maintain a family atmosphere for those who visit, Johnny and his wife, Shauna, carry on the tradition of homemade decorations and now over 60 varieties of pumpkins.

The Spina Farms Pumpkin Patch is a whole family effort. After over 40 years in the Pumpkin Patch business, the family has reached amazing goals. It is still their favorite time of year and are considered fortunate to share a piece of their lives with the loving and loyal families who continue to visit over the many years.

Three Generations of the Spina Family:

Johnny C., Shauna, Blaine, Joey, Johnny M., Matty, John, and Linda Spina

Johnny & Shauna Spina & Family